August 13th, 2018. One of the rarest event on our planet is about to begin: Fertility Day. Once a year, Seafront ocypodes rush out of the shallow water of Helodrano Bay and look for a partner in an unusual courtship ritual. Males must build a powerful sandcastle in a race against the rising tide to have a chance to be selected by a female!
It is the very first Fertility Day for Eustache, and failure is not an option. Fertility Day only happens once a year, it is his only chance to impress Hexa and he will not miss it. Grab your mouse and your keyboard, it is time to help a crab in love and build faster than the incoming sea!

Curious about Fertility Day? Follow this link to have a better understanding of Eustache’s past and the life full of danger of Seafront ocypodes.

Documentary link :


Your main objective is to stay alive and build the biggest castle you can.

Right click to move your character to the mouse position.
Use your mouse wheel to select one of the three following left mouse click actions:
- Select the shovel and hold left click to shovel out a layer of sand
- Pick the bucket to replenish a tile of sand
- Use your hammer to create castle to protect yourself from the sea

Main Team :
Grégoire “Greet” DUFLO
Maximilien “Maximilien” PLUCHARD
Hugo “Raiponz” BEAUCAMPS
Olivier “Zessirb” BRISSEZ

Support Team :
Ben Backen

How to play :

1 - Dig sand
2 - Reinforce the sand
3 - Build your own castle

use scroll mouse to switch tools or use key 1-2-3

Install instructions :

Click to link, And Play !

Other informations :

Credit Music : Jukedeck (create your own at

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