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Golf platformer Game create during the Ludum Dare 41 by La communauté de la plancha


You can call me Horfel, the last remaining one.
I don’t know where I am, where I go, I don’t care,
I ought to only golf in this world of nightmare.
As there is nothing left, no hornet, wasp or bee,

To run with here and there, no mountain, path or sea,
I ought to only golf, now that mad men are gone.
From the gigantic union that all wanted to keep,
Where they all have built and all have created

Worlds, and fame, and greatness. What they awaited
Was to grant human the greatest means
and conquer sky and earth.
To the great overthrow where they began to weep,

Where they all fled faster than their old rocket ship,
Leaving their elders, disappearing in a snip,
And giving me rights of old queens
To live and golf and mirth.

I ought to only golf, and now, white ball, you fly


This is a golf platformer game. Hit the ball with your club and aim for the next platform toward the end level portal.

Play as a golfer in a post apocalyptic universe.

Try to reach the portal in the smallest amount of hit possible to get the highest score.

BugFix #1 :

- Corrected player sprite position on level 04
- Prevented the player from shooting twice in a row with only one effective shot

Staff - La communauté de la plancha

Graphic Team :

Grégoire “Greet” DUFLO
Maximilien “Maximilien”  PLUCHARD

Dev Team :

Olivier “Zessirb” BRISSEZ
Hugo “Raiponz” BEAUCAMPS

Thanks to Ben Backen for the scenario :D

Credit Music : Jukedeck (create your own at

How to play

Left mouse click : Aim at the direction you want to shoot and hold the click button to hit with more power.

Game created with  322 commit using Git

Install instructions

Run WebGL

Or Download Zip file open it and run .exe


POST Ludum Dare 41 - Android
Ludum Dare 41 - Win 15 MB
Ludum Dare 41 - GNU/Linux 18 MB
Ludum Dare 41 - Mac 17 MB

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