Back at Valborgne Manor created during the Ludum Dare 43 by La plancha

# Scenario :

I am Bernard de Bruay. At my father’s death, I inherited a book filled with strange writings depicting the whole history of my cursed family one year at a time, one sentence per year. But I quickly noticed that while every boy's birth was noted, every girl's one was avoided, replaced by a odd writing “Back at Valborgne”. Studying the clues disseminated in the strange manuscripts, I obtained another book. Dark, filled with strangely tangled writings, the Necrophitescon yield its secrets to me. I learned about spells, invocations, sacrifices and demons.

I directly headed to Saint-André-de-Valborgne to discover mysteries surrounding the Valborgne manor. The village was in mourning, yet another girl went missing. Using my spells, I noticed that the manor was deliberately shutting the water system irrigating the village and reroute the nearby clay quarry.

I just arrived at Valborgne manor. I need to find out what happened to the missing girls and to know what murky water my family dove into.

Story Telling :

# Description :

Back to Valborgne Mansion is an undercover game where you need to find as many clues as possible and use your skills achieve one's ends

Use your skills sparingly, if you use them too much you will die.

# Staff - La plancha

# How to play :

  • WASD : forward - left - right - rear
  • Left mouse button : Skills 1
  • Right mouse button : Skill 2
  • Mouse direction : to aim

Crédits musics :

Myuu :

  1. Myuu - Creepy Clown Symphony
  2. Myuu - Play with Me

Tristan Lohengrin :

  1. Tristan Lohengrin - Time of solitude          

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