During an everlasting winter where all life seems to be abandonned, an old man braces the upcomming storm to recover the fragments of his shattered memories.

In this game, you control the man left in a snowy city, using landmarks to signalize your path so you can find your way back at night. Scout the best path during broad daylight, and quickly shelter into your home once the night arrives. Stay focus and watch your step or winter will
Inputs : - W, A, S, D or Arrow keys to move
- Space Bar to jump
- E to interact and pickup items (only during dayligth)
- F to drop a landmark (only during dayligth)
- R to restart the level


Staff - La communauté de la plancha

Graphic :

  • Nathan “Daragonis” MESSIN

Level Design :

  • Grégoire “Greet” DUFLO

Dev & Sound design Team :

  • Olivier “Zessirb” BRISSEZ
  • Hugo “Raiponz” BEAUCAMPS

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