A downloadable Create during the LD39 for Windows, macOS, and Linux


No one know what awaits you at the end of life.

One day, a man was brave enough to face the devil ...

He fell into the abyss, down towards the deepest lands of unknown hell. He was ready to do anything to come back to life and prove the world he was not just another loser.

The devil was a player, he offered him a contract to save his life, but the counterpart was huge.

The man would be continuously losing his life energy, and had to kill creatures or transform objects into energy.

The man accepted this strange pact, and then the devil started to laugh diabolically !

“Hahaha, run you fool ! Run for your miserable life !”


The game “The devil works in an open space” is a Beat'em all game in which you control a brave man transformed into demon that will fight to save his life.

You are slowly losing energy, and you have to destroy objects and enemies to regenerate it.

Run to the door to escape the evil room.

Staff - Les 3 Cuisses

Graphic Team:

Quentin Donnaint

Atom “atom” Mattelaer

Dev Team:

Grégoire “GreetschinDUFLO

Olivier “Zessirb” BRISSEZ

Hugo “Raiponz” BEAUCAMPS

Other Team:

Maximilien Pluchard

How to play

W - Move up

A - Move left

S - Move down

D - Move right

Left Clic - Fast attack

Right Clic - Slow and strong attack

Credit Music : Gigantic Desire

Useless info :

Game create with 171 commit using Collab

Links : https://github.com/Greetschin/TheDevilWorksInAnOpenSpace

Install instructions

Download the zip

Run the TheDevilWorksInAnOpenSpace.exe

Change Unity Settings

And Play !


TheDevilWorksInAnOpenSpace.zip 19 MB
TheDevilWorksInAnOpenSpace_GNULinux.zip 25 MB
TheDevilWorksInAnOpenSpace_MAC.zip 21 MB

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